Interview Purificació Canals (MedPAN Chairwoman / Présidente de MedPAN)
Marine Protected Areas: Everyone's Business.


Interview of Purificacio Canals, Chairwoman of MedPAN, conducted during the 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean.
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Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean
"Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean"

A 10 minutes film introducing to the roles and the benefits of Marine Protected Areas.

A roadmap to achieve in 2020 the international goals of the Convention for Biological Diversity.

In the framework of the Aichi targets given by the International Convention for Biological Diversity, countries bordering the Mediterranean have renewed their commitment in 2010 to protect, by 2020, 10% of coastal and marine areas with national and regional systems of Marine Protected Areas that are comprehensive, effectively managed and ecologically representative.

During the Forum held in Antalya (Turkey, 25th – 28 th November 2012), the Mediterranean MPA community reviewed the status of MPAs in the region and identified the actions needed to establish an ecological network of MPAs which is effectively and sustainably managed. They elaborated a roadmap calling for urgent action and aimed at achieving, by 2020, the objectives set by international commitments.

The roadmap is thus intended to guide the Mediterranean region effort in making its MPA network conforms to the CBD objectives. It could contribute to improve decisions/programmes in the framework of several Conventions, policies and agreements related to MPAs (Barcelona Convention and European policies, etc.).

The intent of this roadmap is not to be a legally binding document and was not intended to be legally approved during the Forum ; it synthesizes the recommendations from different stakeholders to  define steps and actions that everyone could undertake at different scales in the coming years.
  • All involved stakeholders are invited to adopt the vision developed during the Forum, to adhere to the roadmap and to actively contribute to achieving its four Strategic Objectives:

    1 - Establish an ecological network of MPAs which is representative and connected

    2 - Achieve an effective, efficient and sustainable management and a good Mediterranean MPAs governance

    3 – Develop a territorially and sectorially integrated governance of Mediterranean MPAs while promoting the sharing of environmental and socio-economic benefits

    4 - Increase the allocation of financial resources to establish and maintain an ecological network of effectively managed MPAs

  • The Mediterranean Sea and the services provided by its ecosystems are a common natural heritage which comes on top of the region’s cultural heritage. More than in other parts of the world, the anthropogenic pressure and impacts associated with climate change affect national economies and populations. Most Mediterranean countries have made an effort to reduce these impacts and implemented Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to improve the conservation of marine biodiversity in zones under their jurisdiction. However, despite the efforts deployed, the Mediterranean network of MPAs is still suffering from significant weaknesses: it is not based on an ecological representativeness and connectivity, it lacks effective management and sustainable financing as well as effective coordination among its stakeholders.