Interview Purificació Canals (MedPAN Chairwoman / Présidente de MedPAN)
Marine Protected Areas: Everyone's Business.


Interview of Purificacio Canals, Chairwoman of MedPAN, conducted during the 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean.
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Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean
"Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean"

A 10 minutes film introducing to the roles and the benefits of Marine Protected Areas.

Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Roadmap


The Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Roadmap was finalized following a wide consultation process started before the 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean (25-28 November, Antalya, Turkey). The whole process was coordinated by the MedPAN Organization in collaboration with its historical partners (RAC-SPA, UNEP-MAP, WWF, IUCN). 

This strategic roadmap to reach by 2020 the international objectives set by the Convention on Biological Diversity initiates unprecedented commitment for coordination in the Mediterranean region, between all the stakeholders technically and politically involved in the conservation of the marine environment in order to ensure sustainable development.